Help Develop Cohen

The City is seeking parties interested in developing the commercial scope of the project to include; site development, commercial components including retail, dining and entertainment, hotels, and office development opportunities. This includes securing tenants, as well as other future uses on the property in line with the District’s vision. Development opportunities include:

  • Parking and Entrances: accented wayfinding entries
  • Cohen Field: central open-air events field
  • Cottontail Plaza: centrally located plaza with water feature, benches and peripheral landscaping
  • Cottontail Park: entry park with grassy seating areas and trails
  • Media Broadcasting Studio: on-site media center
  • Keystone Events Hall: multi-use flex space for seasonal events and touring attractions
  • Sports Complex: indoor volleyball, basketball and more
  • Mercado de Cohen: vibrant “food hall” alley that is reminiscent of a farmers market
  • Acacia Square: retail, food and beverage spaces
  • Family Experience Center: indoor family entertainment center
  • Commercial and Office Buildings: retail, dining, entertainment, and office space
  • Camp Cohen Neighborhood Waterpark: sports and leisure inspired regional water park (presently under construction)
  • Cohen Plaza: arrival plaza that celebrates the Cohen brothers with prominently featured design display
  • Hotel: hotel with conference space
  • Start-Up/Incubator Spaces: flexible co-working spaces and office spaceattractions
  • Site Buffer Zone: freeway screening and signage, landscaped areas, seating and shade

Project Assistance

Cost of the subject site: all sale prices and/or ground lease rates will be considered

Incentives authorized under Chapter 380 of Texas Local Government Code: the city may enter into a Chapter 380 Agreement with the developer(s) to increase the project’s feasibility

City approved public improvements, grading and drainage: city has allocated $2,451,400 to grading and drainage for the site

Assistance with city development process: city will assist in land use approvals necessary

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone: site is located within a tax increment reinvestment zone, making it eligible for funding authorized by Chapter 311 of the Texas Tax Code

Other incentives: city encourages respondents to propose required public funding sources, if necessary

Cohen Booklet