El Paso

Northern American Borderplex

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El Paso is one of the largest metro areas along the Texas-Mexico border which boasts a best-in-class, business-friendly operating environment while also offering a great living experience. Along with Las Cruces, New Mexico and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, El Paso is situated in the North American Borderplex, a region that is home to 2.5 million individuals and is one of the world’s largest bilingual workforces.

The North American Borderplex represents one of the largest manufacturing centers in North America and is recognized for being globally competitive. The region also boasts five major universities, three medical schools, and three military installations.

As the sixth-largest city in Texas, El Paso is a top 20 percent U.S. performing economy and continues to experience positive economic growth by attracting new businesses and helping existing companies grow. The city’s focus is to create new employment opportunities in 21st century industries, maintain a great quality of life, and facilitate business growth at the local and international level.

Population Statistics

12980 residents in el paso added annualy

The El Paso region boast a population of over 2.5 million, with a 2029 projection of 3.2 million.

Currently the City sees 12,980 residents added annualy, with the median age of 32.

Mexican Nationals Impact

  • Outlet Shoppes at El Paso – Horizon Group Properties
    • Top Performing Centers in their portfolio
    • More than 9.5 million visitors/year – and more than 4.5 million are Mexican Nationals
  • More than 22 million northbound vehicular border crossings/year through 5 ports of entry
  • Approximately 1.4 million people live in Ciudad Juárez and nearly 4,000 workers commute across the El Paso border on a daily basis, more than any other Mexican-American border city
  • Retailers in El Paso (shopping, dining, entertainment) meet and exceed expectations and experience record-breaking openings

Military Impact

north american borderplex numbers

Headquartered in El Paso, Ft. Bliss is the second largest miliatary installtion with the largest only 1 hour away (White Sands Missile Range).

Ft. Bliss creates a $7 Billion impact to the local economy with a supported population of 163,303. Over 72,000 veternas live in the region.

Airport & Hotels

The El Paso International Airport has experienced notable growth in recent years; in 2018, the Airport surpassed 3.2 million passengers, an 11.3 percent increase in total passenger traffic over 2017. Since 2015, airlines at EPIA have made 19 announcements for new or expanded routes

Hotel Occupancy wihtin the City has increased 4.72% since 2017. In downtown alone 3 new hotels have opened, with others being rennovated to modern standards.